Just Words

Maybe but just ‘May be’

Maybe but just ‘May be’

Maybe it isn’t religion
that makes it all bad
Maybe I didn’t get ripped off
cause that’s all they had

Maybe all we need
is love and affections
maybe if we communicated better
we would dismiss altercations

Maybe people aren’t bad
they are misled and misguided
Maybe we were taught for so long
to be confused therefore blindsided

Maybe we are all waking up
but not at the same time
Maybe we could get to a point
when we are all on the same line

Maybe we could all work
for the benefits of mankind
Maybe we can find the reason
not looking for a reason to find

Maybe all the money they spent
building the new World Trade Centers
Maybe went towards the victims
not to all the play-makers

Maybe one will awaken
from all the things I post
Maybe we will learn to hold on
to all things that matter most

Maybe if you take out ‘maybe’
from their questionable position
Maybe the meaning of it all
May be a positive direction.-HCP

Another Man’s Shoes

“Got to read the lines

or at least what’s in between”
but I never seem to find
what the hell it all means”

So many lingering thoughts
too obscure to decide.
It rages like fire
burning from inside.

I thought I knew where I was going
that I knew where it would end.
But taking the road less traveled
got me lost and back to the begin

Nobody out there really understands
of each individual views.
No matter how long or how far
you walk in another man’s shoes.


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