Why Are There So Many Churches?



I’ved always wondered this and believe we can do without some of them. They grow like 7-11s and yet some of the community that they are in sucks. Seriously, aren’t they supposed to help out their community? There are about 38K different churches in the world.
Why Are There So Many Churches?
Whether or not you are Christian, Catholic, Islamic, Methodist etc. etc. I’m sure you’ved heard this question before. I’ve never seen or heard an answer until now. This guy Don Blackwell does a great job explaining how “man” got it wrong again. I may not agree with all these “man-made” Bible quotes but it’s still worth listening to.

If you are going to be open-minded then you have to practice it. Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean you should disregard its entirety. We have to research things we don’t understand and things we are unsure about. I’m sharing this because I know there are people out there with the same questions. And we can always learn something…good or bad is your perspective.


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