FBI has used surveillance drones on US soil 10 times

Eye See You….



In a letter to Sen. Rand Paul, the FBI admits it used drones for eight criminal cases and twice for national security.

In response to a letter from Sen. Rand Paul (R – Ky.), the Federal Bureau of Investigation admitted to using surveillance drones on U.S. soil a total of 10 times; eight times to help solve criminal cases and twice for “two national security cases.” The FBI’s letter was made public on Friday.

Paul had written to the FBI on two separate occasions, June 20 and July 9, seeking information regarding its use of drones. His inquires came after Robert Mueller, director of the FBI, said in a congressional hearing on June 19 that the bureau uses drones for surveillance in the U.S. for “limited law enforcement purposes,” Reuters reported.

The senator received two letters in response to his query, one classified and one declassified according to U.S. News & World Report, but Paul says the letters were “insufficient.” He has vowed to block the confirmation of President Barack Obama’s new FBI director until he gets answers he deems sufficient.

In the declassified letter, the FBI said that it used a drone in February in a high-profile case where a five-year-old boy was held hostage in a bunker in Alabama. The letter states that the FBI has only employed unarmed drones in accordance with Fourth Amendment laws.



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